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Middleport Studios and Burleigh Gift List Service

Middleport Studios

Middleport Studios are talented local artists situated onsite at Middleport Pottery. You can make the most of their skills for your wedding by letting them help you to design your bespoke personalised wedding favours.

Visit their workshops in Port Street Range at Middleport Pottery, or click below to check out the individual businesses.

Middleport Studios

Burleigh Wedding List Service

Burleigh offer a personal wedding gift service via their factory shop or online. Browse from a large range of beautful Burleigh table and kitchenware.

Burleigh also offer both traditional and contemporary designs of stunning pottery for you to use on your special day, made especially for you by their skilled craftsmen.

For further information please enquire with the Re-Form events manager, or click the link below to find out more about Burleigh's Wedding List service.

Burleigh Gift List Service