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Privacy statement

Re-Form Heritage (Re-Form) and is committed to protecting your personal information within the guidelines set out by law. We abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable laws, and best practice guidance, and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. The principles of how we protect and manage your data are set out below.

About Re-Form Heritage

Re-Form Heritage was incorporated on 5 December 1996 as a company limited by guarantee and registered with the Charity Commissioners on 6 December 1996. Its registered Charity Number is 1059662.

Re-Form Heritage is an independent charity. We specialise in the restoration of heritage buildings at risk of decay and demolition in areas where the resurgence of an existing use, or the creation of a new life and purpose for these buildings, will have a beneficial effect on the local community.

Re-Form Heritage has a subsidiary company Re-Form Heritage Trading Limited which was incorporated on 25th February 2010 (company number: 07169150). It is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association. The company commenced trading in July 2014 and its principal activity is the undertaking of trading activities on behalf of Re-Form Heritage.

Details about Re-Form Heritage can be found at

The information Re-Form Heritage collects

Re-Form Heritage may collect personal information about you. We do this to support and enhance your experience of engaging with us. The situations when we may collect personal data include: Consenting to receive information and updates Enquiring about our activities and services Engaging with us via social media Booking a ticket Buying a product or service Becoming a member, ambassador, advisor or patron Making a donation Processing Gift Aid Providing survey responses We may also gather and retain data about the use of our website and social media accounts to help us improve how we engage with audiences. This data is aggregated or anonymous and does not identify individual visitors to our website. We review the personal information requested to ensure that we only collect data relevant to the use for which it is being collected. We only collect ‘sensitive personal data’ when there is a clear reason to do so.

How Re-Form Heritage stores and manages personal data

We will securely store and manage your personal data for the uses set out below for the following lengths of time. Digitally held records are stored on a secured network. Where external companies are used to support and deliver IT services, Re-Form Heritage ensures all companies are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and have secure and GDPR compliant processes in place. Where paper records are held, these are stored in locked areas at Re-Form Heritage’s Head Office – Middleport Pottery, Port Street. ST6 3PE Consenting to receive information and updates – Data retention period: For up to three years from the original consent date. After three years, we will ask you to renew your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button on our e-newsletters, or by emailing us with a request to remove consent to: Enquiring about our activities and services – Data retention period: For up to six months from the original enquiry date. Booking a ticket – Data retention period: For up to five years from the date of the original booking. Buying a product or service – Data retention period: For up to six years from the date of the purchase. Becoming a member, ambassador, advisor or patron – Data retention period: For up to six years from the date of the membership expiring. Making a donation – Data retention period: For up to six years from the date of the donation, unless specified otherwise in a separate grant agreement document. Processing Gift Aid – Data retention period: For up to six years from the date of processing a Gift Aid claim. Where relevant, Gift Aid declarations will be renewed every four years. Providing survey responses – Data retention period: For up to four years from the date of the survey being completed. After this time, all personal data will be removed from the survey results. Applying to work or volunteer for Re-Form Heritage – Data retention period: For successful applications, please see Working or Volunteering for Re-Form Heritage information below. For unsuccessful applications, we retain personal information for up to one year from the date that the application was made. For all of the above situations, once the data retention period has expired or consent has not been renewed, all personal data will be deleted or securely destroyed. Where an interaction with Re-Form Heritage involves use of your credit or debit card, we will manage any transactions securely and in accordance with the Payment Industry Data Security Standard.

What Re-Form Heritage does with the data collected and stored

Your personal data may be used for the following purposes: To provide you with services, products and information To process payments and donations To fulfil sales contracts For customer service or administrative purposes To create an account if you register your details with us For internal record keeping, including management of complaints or feedback To target communications and messages to you To invite you to participate in opportunities, surveys and research To use your IP address to personalise information to you and to analyse website engagement and use To analyse and improve the services we offer Where it is required or authorised by law

Your choices regarding your personal data

In using Re-Form Heritage services, you agree that any information you give to Re-Form Heritage is accurate and kept up to date. You can unsubscribe or amend your consent options at any point using links contained in Re-Form Heritage communications materials or by writing to us: Data Retention and Consent. Re-Form Heritage, Middleport Pottery, Port Street, Stoke-on-Trent. ST6 3PE or emailing us: You have the right to request a copy of the personal information Re-Form Heritage holds about you and to have any inaccuracies amended. We ask that all such requests are made in writing to the contact details above. A small administrative fee, of a maximum of £30, to cover the costs of this work may be charged. Re-Form Heritage can also support an individual’s Right to be Forgotten. Should you wish to do this, please contact Re-Form Heritage on the contact details above to discuss the process and the timescales involved.

Website and cookies

Re-Form Heritage publishes a cookies statement on its website. Through your acceptance of this statement, Re-Form Heritage receives information from your computer and may record this information to provide you with the best possible website browsing experience and to enable us to improve the functionality of our site. We also use cookies to manage the delivery of occasional online surveys. If you do not accept cookies on the Re-Form Heritage website, it will not be possible to book tickets online, create or log-in to an account. You may also receive multiple survey requests, as we will be unable to identify if you have been previously surveyed. Cookies can be re-enabled on the Re-Form Heritage website at any time. Re-Form Heritage uses Google Analytics to provide the best possible online experience and enable us to understand who is visiting our website. This information is anonymous and does not personally identify the visitor. Users can opt-out of having their information tracked by Google Analytics by disabling cookies using the button at the top of this page. Please note that you will not be able to book tickets, sign up or login to your account when cookies are disabled. You can re-enable cookies at any time. Re-Form Heritage is committed to the swift identification and removal of inappropriate content linked to our website or social media accounts. Should any individual post, send or upload any material that we consider inappropriate, offensive or in breach of legislation, we may use your personal data to inform relevant third parties. We may also remove accounts of individuals linked to persistent inappropriate content concerns. Website related rights and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy apply to all websites created and controlled by Re-Form Heritage. Re-Form Heritage does use links to external websites. Re-Form Heritage does not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy policies of such third party websites and use of these websites is at your own risk.

Marketing and targeted advertising

In consenting to receive information and updates from Re-Form Heritage, you agree to be contacted for marketing purposes. The consent form enables you to manage how we contact you. You may adjust or opt-out of communications for marketing purposes at any time, either by clicking the unsubscribe button on Re-Form Heritage communications materials, or contacting Communications Manager, Re-Form Heritage uses targeted advertising facilities to ensure information about our programmes and activities reaches people who may have an interest in the subject being advertised. This is done through anonymised data and Re-Form Heritage is not able to identify individuals reached through this process.


In consenting to receive information about how you can support Re-Form Heritage, you agree to be contacted for fundraising purposes. The consent form enables you to manage how we contact you. You may adjust or opt-out of fundraising communications at any time, either by clicking the unsubscribe button on Re-Form Heritage communications materials, or contacting Communications Manager,


We will only use personal information provided in applying for work or volunteering at Re-Form Heritage to process your application and to monitor recruitment statistics. Disclosure of information to an external organisation, such as when taking up references, will be done with your knowledge. If you commence employment or volunteering with Re-Form Heritage, your data will be processed in accordance with your Re-Form Heritage employment contract and related policies.


Re-Form Heritage undertakes customer surveys to enable us to improve our work. Data collected in these surveys is regularly monitored to ensure that its collection is compliant with GDPR obligations. Where surveys are undertaken in paper form, the paper survey response is securely stored and in a timely period is transferred to an electronic system. The paper survey is then securely destroyed. Survey responses which have been aggregated and anonymised are supplied to Re-Form Heritage external partners, such as Arts Council England, as part of our funding monitoring processes.

Information sharing

Re-Form Heritage may disclose your personal information to third parties if we are under a legal obligation to do so. We may also disclose your personal information to a small number of companies that provide contracted IT support services to Re-Form Heritage, solely for the purposes of storing and managing Re-Form Heritage IT and data systems. We will ensure that your data is held in compliance with GDPR and will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is kept secure and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When Re-Form Heritage works in partnership with another organisation to deliver its programme, we may ask for your consent to share personal data with the partner organisation. We will always specify the name of the organisation we are requesting to share data with and it is entirely your choice whether or not you consent to share your personal data. Your decision has no bearing upon your right to purchase tickets or attend an event.

Under 18s

Protecting the privacy of those under 18 years is important to Re-Form Heritage. When we collect data about anyone under 18 years of age, we will make the reasons for collecting the data clear and explain the use that is made of such data using age-appropriate language. Where data is collected for those age 13 or under, we will seek parental/carer consent on behalf of the minor. Rights regarding unsubscribing and the right to be forgotten are extended to all individuals regardless of age.

Privacy Policy updates

We may update the terms of this policy at any time. We ask, therefore, all users to check for updates from time to time. The date of the latest update will be clearly stated at the end of the policy. We will notify you of any significant changes in the way we collect and manage your personal data. This will be done by displaying a notice on the Re-Form Heritage website and at the Re-Form Heritage information desk for four weeks following any update and by sending an update notice to the primary email address for users registered with us via email. By continuing to engage with Re-Form Heritage through our services and website following an update, you will be deemed as having accepted the changes to the Privacy Policy.

This policy was last updated on 12/11/2019